Who runs the music world? NOT girls.

Chloe takes a look at the DHP Family’s Women in Music event at Rescue Rooms...

Next Wednesday will see the DHP Family’s Women in Music event at Rescue Rooms; a group of women sharing valuable experience of working in the male dominated live music industry.  The inaugural event will address the gender imbalance in the music industry with the aim of creating an environment for discussion and a platform for positive change.

Michele Philips, a spokesperson for DHP Family, stated that their ambition is  “To shine a spotlight on the issues including but not exclusive to why women don’t apply for positions in venues anymore and also provide a platform for positive change. We want to identify tangible things that can be done to address the shocking levels of gender imbalance that still exist throughout the industry.”

the  music industry as a workplace continues to exist under a glass ceiling”

UK Music Diversity Taskforce recently conducted a survey which startlingly revealed that women make up 60 percent of all interns in the music industry and 59 percent of the entry-level business roles, but only hold a pitiful 30 percent of senior positions; evidently, the  music industry as a workplace continues to exist under a glass ceiling.

Open to people of all genders and varying rungs on the career ladder, the evening offers a keynote interview and panelists in conversation about the difficulties currently faced by women, as well as how businesses can diversify. It offers an opportunity to closely examine how higher-ups and executives in the industry are combating sexist environments and trying to enact change; there will also be an opportunity for networking, post-event drinks and further discussions.

Frank Turner’s tour manager, Tre Stead, who will be in attendance at the event, spoke out about its importance: “I’m grateful to be asked to participate in this event as I feel that it is important for young women entering the industry to know that they are not alone, and to see there are others like them that they can glean important information from. Our experience can be of benefit to everyone. If even one woman walks out of this event armed with a positive attitude and an arsenal of useful tips and contacts, then it’s a job well done.”

this evening is an opportunity to offer a platform to women who have fought their way to the top of the game”

Amongst many renowned speakers include tour managers for London Grammar and Adele as well as chief executive of ALMR, Kate Nicholls. Nicholls, who heads the trade body representing all pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, will introduce the evening, which has been divided into two sections. The first will focus on the theme of working in the live music sector, whilst the latter will be led by BBC East Midlands’ Geeta Pendse, who will chair a panel of women that advocate for change to live music’s misogynistic industry. The live side of the music industry is well-known for being particularly male-dominated; women running venues or working on the road are far outnumbered by their male cohort, and this evening is an opportunity to offer a platform to women who have fought their way to the top of the game.

The full line-up is as follows:

  • Carlina Gugliotti (Tour Manager – London Grammar and previously Adele)
  • Dom Frazer (Founder & Director – The Boileroom)
  • Helen McGee (Divisional Manager, Operations – Academy Music Group)
  • Tre Stead (Tour Manager – Frank Turner)
  • Zoya Rossi (Production Manager – The Borderline)
  • Chaired by Kate Nicholls (ALMR)

Verity Cowley from BBC Nottingham continues the evening’s events in a conversation with singer-songwriter Nina Smith, the current BBC Introducing Artist of the Week currently receiving airplay across 40 BBC radio stations, preceded by the second panel of the evening, featuring:

  • Anwyn Williams (Marketing Manager – DHP)
  • Chanelle Newman (Manager of Akala and Co-Founder/MD – The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company)
  • Michelle Kambasha (Head of Press – Secretly Group)
  • Chaired by Geeta Pendse (BBC East Midlands Today)

Tickets are £5 for general admission and £3 for students or those with a low income; all proceeds will be donated to Equation, a charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse and sexual violence based in Nottingham.

Chloe Erin

Featured image courtesy of DHP Family via Facebook.

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