Sounds Against Slavery interview – Kwoli Black

Liam caught up with one of the five acts performing at this year's Sounds Against Slavery event...

Impact Magazine and the Anti-Slavery Society are collaborating on the second iteration of Sounds Against Slavery on Thursday 15th March. Impact caught up with one of the acts, Kwoli Black, to hear their thoughts on music and the event.

What are you most looking forward to about performing at Sounds Against Slavery?

Honestly, I look forward to hearing the other acts and seeing how the people respond to my music.

Why did you decide to support the cause?

Combatting slavery is something that I feel quite passionate about, and to be able to use my talent and my platform of music to raise awareness makes me all that more motivated. It’s not something to stay silent about, and we shouldn’t.

How would you describe your sound?

Unconventional, alternative and eclectic. I love sound, I love music and I don’t feel like I should limit myself to one sound just because I rep one genre.

Who are the artists that you are inspired by?

J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Goldlink, Kojey Radical… Way too many to count.

Desert Island Disks! Name a song, an album and an artist you couldn’t live without?

For song I would say ‘Be Free’ by J. Cole. Album would be IMAGINE.FREE by myself. Artist would be Kendrick Lamar.

How long have you been performing? What are your memories of your very first performance?

I’ve been performing going on two years now. The first time was crazy scary, it was exhilarating but I am so glad I did it, because now I’m here.

Do you know any of the artists that you are performing alongside at Sounds Against Slavery?

I don’t think I’ve seen any of them live but I feel like that’s great because I can enjoy it with the audience. It’ll be a gig and performance all in one for me. I’m excited.

You’re surrounded by musical opportunities here in Nottingham, what’s it like to be a singer-songwriter in this city?

This city has been so kind to me. It’s crazy because I didn’t expect it at all, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities and I wish for more.

What do you have planned for the future?

I really wanna hit every major stage in Nottingham before I graduate – Rescue Rooms, Stealth, Rock City, Motorpoint, all of it. I don’t know how but I will make it happen. I also have a second project on the way (production starts soon), and I just hope I can build a bigger fanbase and people continue to support me through this journey. I hope I can make more music people love, but first I hope my Sounds of Slavery gig goes off amazingly.

Sounds Against Slavery comes to Rough Trade on Thursday 15th March, 7pm-11pm. Tickets are £5.50, and all donations go to Anti-Slavery International.

Liam Inscoe-Jones

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Article images courtesy of Alexandra Farzad and the UoN Anti-Slavery Society.

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