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Spotlight on: Hide and Soc

Hide a what? Hide and Soc!

Who remembers the rules to a children’s game called Sardines? I sure didn’t when I turned up to my first Hide and Soc session.

Rewind to a week earlier and there I was, a small fresher in a big pond flicking wildly through the University societies page looking for my new hobby. Over the duration of that first year I must have tried at least 10 different sports clubs and societies, and yet, through all of the ‘Hello’s’ and the warm-ups and the trying new things, it was this society which had the staying power to keep me engrossed all year long and engaged with my nostalgia for something familiar. That society was (you’ve probably guessed it) Hide and Soc.

What does the society do though? The pun in the name is great, but do they only play Hide and Seek?

Put simply, Hide and Soc is a space for hosting everyone’s favourite (mostly) indoor games which you might be familiar with from your childhood. Stuck in the mud? They play it. Benchball? You bet. Surely not crab football? Absolutely. If all this sounds too active for you, worry not. The society plays just as many sitting-down classics: Werewolf/Mafia, Psychiatrist – you name it, Hide and Soc plays it.

If all of this sounds up your street, and even if it doesn’t, go along and try a session. If you love it, membership is one of the cheapest across the University at only £2.

“Hide and Soc has regular Monday night sessions from 7 til 10pm”

No matter how much you enjoy an activity, if you don’t get on with the people at a club then you won’t enjoy your time there. I’ve watched over my three years at Nottingham as Hide and Soc has grown to around 35 active members. They are an inclusive, funny, and all-round welcoming collection of individuals with half having zany nicknames for each other. Hide and Soc has regular Monday night sessions from 7 til 10pm – weekly sessions basically acting as an excuse to hang out with good friends at least once a week.

Members have said:

Rebecca Nicholls: ‘You can be entirely yourself and not one person will judge you for it.’

Maeve Fitzgerald: ‘I will never forget this society or the amazing friends I’ve made there.’

“A casual and welcoming society which hosts unique socials”

Overall, Hide and Soc has improved my experience at the University of Nottingham by immeasurable amounts, a fact I’m not alone in saying. If you are looking for a casual and welcoming society which hosts unique socials (think Planet Bounce and rainbow parachutes) with friendly faces, then try Hide and Soc for yourself. Don’t neglect your inner kid!

Join the Facebook page UoN Hide and Soc for more up-to-date information.

Buy your membership here:

Ben Mallett

Image courtesy of UoN Hide and Soc Facebook Page

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