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Tom Walker @ Rescue Rooms

Perhaps the most satisfying thing to the majority of concert goers, is the discovery of new artists, who often go on to become personal favourites further down the line. The atmosphere often starts relatively muted, before the crowd begin to appreciate the music they’re subject to. Indeed Tom Walker’s opening act George Morgan, better known by his stage name The Beach certainly had the crowd on his side by the end of the night.

In much the same way as the main attraction, George’s vocals were outstanding, and this coupled with his guitar was all that he relied upon. His song lyrics were unique, and amidst the five songs he performed, none appeared to be overly similar. His charming, and down to earth personality also shone through, as epitomised by his decision to have a drink in the bar with fans afterwards whilst watching Tom’s set.

Tom’s rough and beautiful voice”

Tom Walker’s entrance was met with crashing drums and the perfect static blue lighting to kick start a performance. The atmosphere was very casual with everyone singing and swaying to the sound of Tom’s rough and beautiful voice, forcing him at times to stop and listen to his fans belt out the words above the sound of his guitar. In revealing his new songs that are appearing on his September album, we were exposed to a variety of new harmonies, causing a reflex reaction of head bobbing and arm waving amongst the crowd. He has come such a long way from the last time he performed in Nottingham to a crowd of 10 people in a space that fills over 100, now effortlessly selling out venues across the world!

“The intensity of the music made it feel as though my whole body was vibrating to the sounds”

His banter easily adds to his likeability as he explained how his new guitar ‘Bruce’ replaced the previous one which was crushed after falling off of the British Airways suit carrier, a joke which was followed by the hilariously timed, accidental snapping of a string live on stage! Luckily it was fixed in no time and he could return to playing my all time favourite song, ‘Just You and I’ which is far from being the cliqued soppy love song its name suggests with its genuinely heartfelt lyrics and deep vocals. The intensity of the music made it feel as though my whole body was vibrating to the sounds, which is always the most surreal feeling at a concert. The next time I see Tom Walker’s name appear on a poster advertising his new tour, I will definitely be sure to grab a ticket because it was a night that I would happily repeat any day of the week!


Sarah Haywood

Image courtesy of Tom Walker’s Facebook Event Page

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