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Tackling gender binary thinking at the University of Nottingham

The SU LGBT+ Network at the University of Nottingham (UoN) has started a new campaign, ‘My Gender Is Mine’, aimed at “tackling binary thinking and highlighting the gender spectrum.”

Emem Essien, one of the campaign officers who is leading this project, sat down with Impact to talk about the campaign.

During the interview, Emem explained that ‘#MyGenderIsMine’ is a gender awareness campaign, which aims to generate public discourse about the variety of genders in society.

“Just because people express their gender differently doesn’t mean it’s not valid or real.”

With the campaign only starting this year, Emem wants to oppose the idea of gender binaries that determine fixed qualities of femininity and masculinity.  Emem goes on to explain: “Just because people express their gender differently, doesn’t mean it’s not valid or real.”

Emem goes on to mention that the campaign is open for everyone: “The campaign is not just gender variant people featuring, it is also straight people. The campaign is basically saying that gender is on a spectrum.”

The campaign is supposed to provide support for students to become more confident about openly expressing themselves. #MyGenderIsMine is supported by the University’s Trans voice-groups to make sure the campaign addresses the topic in a sensitive way.

“[The campaign is aimed at] tackling binary thinking and highlighting the gender spectrum”

The campaign will be presented from June 11th-15th, with a showcase and screening on June 15th.

During the campaign, you will see videos and other forms of mediums of people expressing what their gender means to them.

Despite the campaign officially starting on June 11th, Emem said that they are already encouraging people to get involved. Whether one wants to talk about their individual story, what gender means to them, or express their thoughts through art, video, poetry, etc, then they are more than welcome to get involved.

Emem explains that you are also allowed to submit your work anonymously, with only the product you made being shown.  If you have any further questions regarding #MyGenderIsMine or want to contribute to the campaign’s cause, you are encouraged to reach out to Emem via the SU LGBT+ Facebook page.

Pia Schäfer

Featured image courtesy of ‘ Shamraze/Nuhaize’. License here.

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