Trailer Watch – Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Georgia looks at the recent teaser for the follow-up to Disney's *smash* hit (geddit?).

Seen by many as Toy Story for the world of video games, Wreck-It Ralph was an instant hit among Disney fans. Giving the point of view of a misunderstood villain teaming up with an adorable glitch trapped within a racing game, it was a heart-warming film loved by all. It’s no surprise that Disney decided to do a sequel, and now the trailer for that sequel is finally here. 

So, what do we know so far about Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2?

The first movie showed us the lives of video game characters, joined by being all together in one arcade (you know, those things people used to go to before the internet was a thing?). Linked by a central hub, it showed a world where video game characters were alive and free to interact with one another when no-one was around to play them (i.e. when the arcade was closed).

It was witty, playful, and came with an abundance of references for all gamers to enjoy: Bowser from the Mario games; the bartender from Root Beer Tapper; Clyde, a ghost from PAC-MAN; and even Sonic the Hedgehog (if briefly) all made an appearance. The story was captivating, showed wonderful character development, and was sure to leave no loose ends, begging the question – where will the world go from here?

The most, er, memorable moment from the trailer – traumatising a two-year-old.

Well, in true Disney fashion, we are not to be disappointed, as now, Ralph and Vanellope face a new challenge: Wi-Fi.

No longer confined to the worlds present in their small arcade, it seems as though we will now see our loveable protagonists delve into the massive realm that is the internet, traversing through multiple mobile games, whilst also navigating the multiple (aggravating) advertisement pop-ups we all know too well.

So far, it seems to be yet another colourful, wonderfully animated film. We’ve already seen examples of clickbait articles, online shopping, and cute mini-games, yet exactly what the plot will be, or whether or not previous characters will make an appearance, we’re not too sure. The first film showed wonderful character development with a story centring around self-discovery, acceptance, and friendship. Exactly how Disney will build on this is therefore yet to be seen, but whatever the result, it’s sure to be brilliant.

Coming to cinemas November 2018, this is definitely a film to look out for.

Georgia Butcher

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