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Zoya sat down with Lizzy Farrall to talk Pure Noise, The Story So Far, and her own EP, All I Said Was Never Heard...

Lizzy Farrall is one of the latest artists to join the renowned American record punk-rock label, Pure Noise Records. With a recently debuted EP to her name, there is no doubt that Lizzy is a rising star in the making. I caught up with her to talk about her latest EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, and much more.

As a recently signed artist, I ask Lizzy what it felt like to be recognised by such a well-known record label. It was a bit like ‘whoa’ at first. To be honest, I don’t think it has even really sunk in now. It’s a bit surreal,” she admits.

Music had always been Lizzy’s passion for as long and she could remember, but she never believed she would “get anywhere with it”. Yet her talent spoke for itself, and she was contacted by Pure Noise Records. Lizzy described the feeling as: “‘Oh, holy shit, this is real!’ It has just been, as cliché as it sounds, sort of like a dream come true”.

Talking more about the label, we start discussing other bands signed to Pure Noise Records, and it seems we both have a common favourite – The Story So Far. Laughing, Lizzy confesses she’s been “a big fan of The Story So Far and it’s kind of me trying not to fangirl… I’m like ‘oh, shit, I’ve got to act cool now,’ like I don’t know all their songs and every lyric off by heart!”.

I ask Lizzy whether she feels any pressure being signed to a record label which hosts some huge pop-punk names. “Yeah, definitely,” she says. “They’re all very talented, talented lads.” There’s the image of the label, but also the personal pressure she puts on herself – ”there is a lot of pressure, for me, because I’ve looked up to The Story So Far and a lot of bands on that label.” But at the same time, Lizzy is very aware that her music is “completely different genre to those bands”, and she hopes it will help her stand out. She adds; “If [Pure Noise] have got such established bands, hopefully people will think ‘she’s quite good because she’s on the same label as good bands’!”

Moving on to Lizzy’s debut EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, I ask her how it feels to have her music officially out for fans. Lizzy admits she finds it “kind of a relief” to have it out there.  “I’ve been sat on some of these songs for nearly three years! It is like ‘oh my god, they’re finally out’… but it is good, and the response I have had is so nice. I honestly, haven’t read or seen anything negative about the songs.”

If you haven’t heard it yourself, Lizzy’s EP is a neat sample showcasing her talent across 5 tracks, music which she describes as “relatable sad songs”. The EP’s last track, ‘Hollow Friends’, offers an emotional closing for the EP. I ask Lizzy what the meaning is behind the song.

“‘Hollow Friends’ is the most personal song on the EP,” she explains. “I suffer with mental health issues and there was a patch in my life when I went through quite a lot, I tended to push people away, and that song is that feeling of mental health making you feel very alone and empty. The whole line of ‘I want to be whole again’ meaning; I want to find something to give me that meaning. So, yes, it is quite a personal song and is probably one of my favourite songs on there”.

“I wanted the teenage angst, rebellion sort of side to it…”

Another popular song from the EP is ‘Better With’. After watching the music video, I ask Lizzy what her inspiration behind the visual side of things was. Lizzy explains it was Henry Cox, the lead singer from the band Boston Manor, who shot the music video. “I wanted the teenage angst, rebellion sort of side to it,” she tells me. One of the most interesting parts of the video is its backwards narrative. Lizzy agrees, admitting it was a spontaneous choice: “I wanted it at night and Henry was like ‘why don’t we try doing it backwards because it’ll give it a little bit of an edge to it – something different’. We literally just thought it’d look cool!”.

With the interview coming to a close, I ask whether we can expect anything from Lizzy in the future. “There will definitely be an album at some point. Hopefully, a few more tours next year, and some festivals. I just want to tour as much I can.”

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Zoya Raza-Sheikh

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