Cassie O’Boyle has been re-elected as your new Students’ Union Education Officer for 2018/19.

Cassie O’Boyle was declared the Education Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 1st round of voting, with 2,717 votes.

Talking about how she was feeling, Cassie expressed that she felt great and hopefully plans to go to Ocean tonight.

Talking about her manifesto and what she thinks will be the biggest challenge, she mentions that free graduation is something that she is passionate about implementing. She continues to say that working with a new team will be challenging but seems to be excited about it as well.

She adds that she will miss working with her old team and says that she couldn’t have done the campaigning without Martin, the current SU Activities Officer. She also credits her whole campaigning team for all the help.

Round 1: 

Cassie O’Boyle: 2,717

RON: 155

Total: 3,309

Sarah Lindgarde

Interview by Sophie Hunt

Featured Images: Impact Images 

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