James Pheasey has been elected as your new Students’ Union LGBT+ Officer for 2018/19.

James Pheasey was declared the LGBT+ Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 1st round of voting, with 392 votes.

Asked how he was feeling after being announced the winner, James told Impact that he was “very happy”, he further added that he was also relieved.

One of his favourite parts of campaigning was the social aspect of it all as he enjoyed meeting everyone.

Asked how he plans to celebrate tonight, he simply said “Drinking!”

When talking about what the biggest challenge will be during his upcoming time in office, James said that “representing everyone” will be a difficult challenge.

Talking about his overall campaign, he said that there really wasn’t “much of a campaign”. He does, however, credit his friends for supporting him.

Round 1:
James Pheasey: 392

Re-open Nominations (RON): 45

Sarah Lindgarde

Interview by Emma Heasman 

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