Ruby Harrison has been elected as your new Students’ Union Women’s Officer for 2018/19.

Ruby Harrison was declared the Women’s Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 1st round of voting, with 1228 votes.

Ruby is also the current Women’s Officer, having also been elected to the role of the 2017/18 academic year.

Ruby said that she was “pleased, and excited for the year ahead.” The most difficult part of campaigning for her was the fact that she was the only candidate, as there is “not the same pressure.” However, she found reaching even more people than last year the most exciting aspect, having been on campus more and at the hustings.

In terms of celebrating, Ruby has not decided how she will yet, but said that she “might just chill after having a few drinks tonight.”

In terms of her manifesto, Ruby is most looking forward to continuing her work on sexual harassment, with a particular emphasis on the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme that she is looking to implement, first in Mooch and then in campus bars.

Ruby envisions juggling the role with her course as the biggest challenge, and thanks her two best friends, whom she could not have campaigned without.


1st round of voting:

Ruby Harrison – 1228 votes

Re-open Nominations (RON) – 71 votes

Total: 1299

Interview by El Gray

Connor Higgs


Featured Image: Poppy Anne Malby

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