Agata Miezaniec has been elected as your new Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer for 2018/19.

Agata Miezaniec was declared the Postgraduate Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 4th round of voting, with 692 votes.

Newy and Tiara were disqualified.

Talking to Impact, Agata said that she was “super surprised, I didn’t expect to win!”

When asked about her campaign, Agata said that she didn’t actually campaign. She mentioned that she had a lot of PhD work, but “really enjoy watching other campaigns.”

She plans on celebrating with her friends, her boyfriend and her two best friends who are in town.

The biggest challenge she will be facing is the Postgraduate community. She explained that it is “very big and very wide.” She continues: “it will be challenging to meet the demands of both PhD and Masters students.”

When asked what manifesto point she is most excited about implementing, she mentions the mentoring system. “Particularly for PhD students who have problems with wellbeing and don’t get support from their supervisors.”

Round 1: 

Daniel Grossegger: 602

Kunj Sachdeva: 404

Agata Miezaniec: 640

RON: 200

Round 2: 

Daniel Grossegger: 608

Kunj Sachdeva 409

Agata Miezaniec 647

Round 3: 

Daniel Grossegger: 679

Agata Miezaniec: 692

Round 4: 

Agata Miezaniec: 692

Total: 2,244

Sarah Lindgarde

Interview by Sophie Hunt 

Featured Image: Impact Images 

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