Katie Clubb has been elected as your new Students’ Union Activities Officer for 2018/19.

Katie Clubb was declared the Activities Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 1st round of voting, with 2,744 votes.

Talking to Katie, the new SU Activities Officer, she told Impact that she felt “amazing!”

When asked what her favourite part of the campaign was, she said that it was the nights out. She said: “I haven’t been out since first year so it was great to see the positive reactions from students.”

Talking about her manifesto points she said she is most excited about her ‘come together’ festival. “I hope [this] will be the biggest student festival in the UK. I also want to create an inclusive and exciting student environment in which we reward students.”

The biggest challenge that she will be facing is the bureaucracy in the SU. “I hope the votes won’t get in the way of all my plans and the changes I want to make,” she said.

She ends the interview by wanting to give a shoutout to her campaign manager, Lee, “he made my video and I’m really grateful.”

Round 1: 

Mike Flanagan: 1,078

Katie Clubb: 2,744

RON: 94

Total: 3,817

Sarah Lindgarde

Interviewed by Emma Heasman 

Featured Image: Impact Images 

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