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Pete Lendon has been elected as your new Students’ Union President for 2018/19.

Pete Lendon was declared the President for the 2018/19 academic year after winning one round of voting, with 2443 votes.

Pete said she was feeling ‘alright’, but was ‘sad that she didn’t shout out to her mum and dad’ when onstage.

Her favourite part of the campaign process was Ocean, with the highlight being ‘Andy Hoe letting me put my banner above the DJ deck’. To celebrate, she’s once again going to Ocean.

The manifesto points she is most looking forward to implementing are ‘recognition and respect’, in particular ‘having more recognition for sexual assault’, which is an issue that ‘hasn’t been addressed through the years of presidencies’.

Pete predicts her biggest challenge during her year in the role will be ‘making the SU listen to student’s voices’, whilst her biggest thanks of the night went to her campaign manager, Mary Delamare.

Round 1: 

Pete Lendon: 2,443

William F. Buckley Jr.: 451

Hemanth Kalathuru (Ming): 700

RON: 133

Total: 4,682

Amy Wilcockson

Interviewed by Emma Heasman 

Featured Images: Impact Images  

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