Varsity Thai-Boxing Preview

Thai Boxing is a martial art originating from Thailand that utilises punches, elbows, knees and kicks. The Varsity event will be under N-Class rules, which is full contact but with no elbows or knees to the head. Each of the 8 fights will have 5 rounds, each being 1 and a half minutes long.

Last year, Trent took the title winning 5-3 overall in a closely fought contest. This year it is UoN’s turn to host the event and so we are hoping to win on home soil. This year’s contest will be particularly special since the President of each club has agreed to fight each other, to see who actually deserves the title of best Thai Boxing Club!

“The team and myself have been training harder than ever pushing ourselves beyond our limits”

Other fights to look out for is Matt Chapman (UoN) v Tariq Brown (Trent), which is the heavyweight bout fighting at 89kg. Also, Ripan Aramwatanapongj (UoN) and Lavina (Trent) are representing the women of each club.

Impact spoke with University of Nottingham fighter Raj about his upcoming fight with Alex.

“With Thai Boxing making the main varsity series this year the sport has become larger and more popular with the students than ever, so having a president versus president bout will make the entire event a truly momentous occasion to end the year. The team and myself have been training harder than ever pushing ourselves beyond our limits, so expect nothing less than a spectacle for this year’s varsity series!”

Callum McPhail

Featured image courtesy of Notts Varsity Series

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