Can Freshers learn from this year’s Love Island?

Olivia Paton investigates the life lessons that Love Island has to offer

I think we can all put our hands up and say we would be in the minority if we had not been watching this year’s Love Island. I thought last year’s cast were really entertaining, but the TV show has definitely upped the ante with new plot twists and turns. The constant memes that flood Instagram that either slay into Georgia’s vocalised loyalty, dig into Adam’s playboy ways and praise Laura’s independent woman vibe is astounding.

Love Island certainly seems to have taken over our TV screens this summer and has been a point of discussion with friends, family members and day-time TV hosts. A show that my elder university-educated brother refuses to watch and deems ‘rubbish’, I actually call educational. Of course, not educational in academic terms, but in the terms of how men and women engage with one another in an environment that tests true intentions and feelings. For me, people such as Adam, Georgia, Wes and Megan are a reflection of how emotions can switch on and off in a matter of moments. I still can’t get over the fact that Georgia claims to be Laura’s friend, says she is ‘loyal, boo’, when she blatantly kissed new Jack behind her back and blames Jack for her actions?! We will never know the full extent of the producers’ involvement in the show and therefore how genuine the Islanders actually are.

The majority of you joining university this year will be jumping straight from A-levels to your first year. This is a big step and a huge learning curve, whether you have been more independent growing up or have come from a very sheltered home-life. After late nights of partying and excessive alcohol consumption (for most), new people you meet will come and go. Romantic interests will be at the forefront of your minds, as you check out the cute boy, or girl in your lecture hall. It is quite difficult to not be overwhelmed by the number of men surrounding us girls in such close proximity. The same goes for those guys who have been to an all boy’s school: KEEP YOUR COOL!

In short, you will all be put under some kind of test, just like the Islanders. If I were to give you one word of advice, I would say to be true to yourself.

Olivia Paton

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