Graduate Reflections #2: Highlights of UoN

After graduating last month, Celine reflects on her time at university

The University of Nottingham has been three years of highlights and memories, and there are many things that have made it such a distinctive place.

Having studied English Literature, I found the course to be really varied and there was a chance to do everything: I’ve been on trips to see plays, directed my own short performance, and learned some Old English – to name just a few experiences that were part of my degree. My course was not only interesting, but the department also provided a peer mentor, loads of helpful tutor support and numerous socials – one of which being a boat party on bonfire night, watching fireworks over the river.

“Freshers week was definitely a highlight”

Right from the beginning, and noticeable from the open days, Nottingham was an extremely friendly and welcoming university, and it was easy to settle in and feel a part of its student community. Being a campus university you’re only ever a few minutes’ walk from your friends, and the big halls – the majority of which are catered – meant that it was easy to meet loads of new people. Its also known for its impressive, green grounds, which made the 9am walks to lectures a little more bearable. The new outdoor cinema also screened the first England match of this years World Cup just after completion: perfect timing.

“I spent one Saturday in first year with my friends selling poppies for the Poppy Appeal in Bath”

Of course, uni wouldn’t be uni without the social events. Freshers week was definitely a highlight and there was something for everyone. Every night saw a different club and a different fancy dress theme, which got you socialising immediately with fellow hall members (sexy, sexy Sherwood!). This nightlife tour was only part of it – there were also plenty of daytime and casual activities, and a lot of sport try-outs that kept me busy. Another highlight was Grad Ball: the venue was huge, the decorations and attractions were impressive, and everyone was in high spirits and looking amazing.

In between freshers and graduation there were so many other university events that included everything from annual society socials (I’m not a scientist but was at every Wacky Science Bar Crawl), formal Hall dinners, the Arts Ball and charity fundraisers: I spent one Saturday in first year with my friends selling poppies for the Poppy Appeal in Bath. There were of course also many weeknights spent at the big student clubs Crisis and Ocean (can never get too much of them), as well as frequent Wednesday karaoke’s and themed house parties in the heavily student-populated Lenton: I was never stuck for a night out in Nottingham.

“no matter what I end up doing, The University of Nottingham has well prepared me for it.”

The city itself also had a lot to offer. With so many music venues of varying sizes, there were opportunities to see massive artists as well as the smaller ones – each gig with its own charm. The Bodega was a firm favourite early on as it was a unique place that hosted quiz nights, club nights and gigs. Alongside the usual attractions a city has to offer, Nottingham had its unique offerings as well including England’s oldest pub, the castle, and Wollaton Park – which is just next to campus and the perfect location for a little daytime deer spotting.

My future plans include travelling and then hopefully a career in writing or advertising. All I can say is that no matter what I end up doing, The University of Nottingham has well prepared me for it.

Celine Freeman

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