Making extra money over summer: Depop edition

If you are strapped for cash this summer and do not have the time for a job (or your job is not paying enough), then Depop is the way to go…

If you know me, then you know I am a massive shopaholic, buying most of my clothes online. When I was in secondary school I set up an eBay account and sold clothes I did not want anymore, writing long and detailed captions, taking clear pictures to try and sell as many items as I could. However, four years ago I stumbled across Depop, a buying and selling app, which I have made much more money on than I ever did on eBay, effectively being its modern-day mobile equivalent.

Here are my five top tips to making big bucks on this amazing app…

  1. Find a model

Clicking the three or ten-second timer on your front camera then posing in your clothes is not as easy as it sounds. I would highly recommend finding a friend or a sibling (I use my sister) to wear your clothes, it means your photos will be better quality and you can style them how you would like to.


“Keep your items’ backgrounds consistent and simple.”

  1. Have a consistent theme on your profile

Keep your items’ backgrounds consistent and simple. The more your items stand out on your profile, the more likely they are to sell!

  1. Post regularly

The more items you post and the more often you post them, the more sales you are likely to make. Depop posts work almost like Instagram: you need to work out when ‘peak time’ is…

“I followed thousands of people in the hope they would follow me back”

  1. Follow Follow Follow

Follow as many profiles as possible – the more profiles you follow, the more items that will appear on homepage and hence, more items to like, because…

  1. Likes are the key to success

When I first started out on Depop, I followed thousands of people in the hope they would follow me back, but it turns out that likes are the key to followers. If someone sees you have liked, or even left a nice comment on their item(s), they are more likely to check out your profile and follow you!

Whether you want to clear out your wardrobe or re-sell some charity shop gems, get yourself on Depop and start selling!

Charlotte Hegley

Feature image courtesy of Charlotte Hegley via the Depop app.

Article image courtesy of Charlotte Hegley.

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