Creative Corner: Womankind

Laura explores the struggles women still face in everyday life in her thought-provoking poem...

She teeters.

It will take 118 years until the global pay gap 

between men and women finally closes.


She waits.

One foot wedged on a crescent moon of a cradle,

she rocks half the world to sleep.

A basket of the deep Pacific sways atop her head,

brimming, bubbling, brimming, bubbling –

she can’t sip.


At her breast’s tip seven billion black hole mouths

guzzle food from her.

In her bony fingers, she clutches:

mops, ladles, laundry, blankets, bandages.

On her bowed, bare back falls:

India’s brothels, Bangladesh’s sweatshops, China’s factories.


Panting, she strains, stretches for the worth

she is due. Skin taut, her globe

belly bulges, a full-blown balloon, ready to birth.


Laura Stanley 

Featured image courtesy of simpleinsomnia via Flickr. Image use licence here.

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