Fresher’s Memoirs – Day 2: Night One

For Day 2 of our Fresher’s Memoirs, Holly provides a touching poem of Night one at university, waiting for a message from her long-distance partner.

Night one without him is not

lonely yet, but too quiet.

It is not yet cold, in fact

it’s quite muggy, but I can sense a chill.

Not yet at a point with no one there,

the phone is there, but a phone

is not his voice delivered with a gentle breath,

just “seen: 10:41pm” and a brief delay.

A signal must cross a thousand miles,

I suppose, to get to him over there.

Night one, and though the distance

is yet to settle like dust,

in this one night my sap has been split,

and I am but a husk

Holly Wilson

Featured image courtesy of Georgia Butcher.

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