Night Out Dress Code: Nottingham Edition


The night out dress code varies slightly night to night in Nottingham depending on the type of music, so I am going to break this down for you all.

“your tops will be off before 1am in Ocean anyway when Baywatch comes on”

Crisis/Ocean: (aka the cheesy music clubs). These are the nights that allow you to relax and be your true basic self. For girls, a white or black skirt or black jeans will suffice and then pair it with a crop top and you are ready to go. For the boys, a plain white tee with some black jeans is fine, your tops will be off before 1am in Ocean anyway when Baywatch comes on.

The dress code for these type of nights is pretty much non-judgemental, if you fancy wearing a skirt and trainers, go for it! Alternatively, you can decide to turn up dressed as a giant carrot or a lobster, as my friends demonstrate below, and you will fit in just as well.

Shapes/Brickworks/Stealth: These types of nights scream one thing, flares! You want to look as ‘edgy’ as possible, patterned flares paired with a retro Reebok, Adidas, Nike, etc. jumper and you are definitely getting papped by the candid-capturing photographer in Shapes. Also, a big pair of hoops is essential at these nights.

“there is no glitter exception”

Cirque: This night has its own separate category. Picture it as Notts’ termly version of Coachella. When you pay £20 for a ticket you can’t not go big; meaning this is the one night you can dress extremely extra. Pattern flares and sequin tops. If bare skin can be seen you are doing this night wrong, glitter should be covering every inch of your body. For the boys, a funky shirt and black jeans, and there is no glitter exception here either!

Emma Jane-Walker

Featured image courtesy of sfu.marcin via Flickr. Image license here.

Article images courtesy of Emma Jane-Walker.

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