Best Apps to have at University

Whilst starting university can be a scary and overwhelming time, luckily the world of technology is here to help. Whether you are going into your first or fourth year, there are many incredibly useful apps out there to assist your life as a student. They’re also free to use, saving up that student loan for the good stuff. Impact has devised a list of the best to get you started.

The university has a range of different apps available specifically for UoN students, making everyone’s lives easier – result! First and foremost, there’s MyNottingham, your go-to for all kinds of information and advice, including financial support, study abroad and exam essentials. I’d especially advise this one for freshers. The UoN timetable app is also a convenient one for viewing your university timetable clearly. Finally, there’s UoNSU Guide, which is your handbook to the Students’ Union. Find out about activities and events happening throughout the year, as well as a list of useful contacts for your time at university.

“If there’s one app to use throughout your degree, then it’s Moodle.”

If there’s one app to use throughout your degree, then it’s Moodle. You can check messages from lecturers and tutors, and view the work for all your modules quickly, without needing a laptop. It might sound obvious but staying updated with your emails at uni is crucial. Therefore, I’d also recommend downloading the Microsoft Office Emails app and signing into your university email so you never miss an email.

For all the fitness fanatics out there, take a look at Strava. Used for jogging and cycling, Strava tracks your route and pace, allowing you to see your progress. Just remember to take your phone with you for the ride. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, why not download Uber for those instant taxi rides? Alternatively, there’s mytaxi, which I personally use due to the many promo codes given by drivers. You’ll get £10 off your first journey, so that might make you feel a bit better about refusing to walk home from your night out.

Moving to a new place for university can be daunting when you don’t know your way around. Make sure you never get lost with the handy Google Maps app. Another top recommendation is, it basically works the same as the Google version, except that you don’t need to have internet access to use it whilst out and about. Simply download the map of the desired region, pin particular locations and you’re good to go.

“LinkedIn is another essential for any student, it’s basically like Facebook but for jobs.”

LinkedIn is another essential for any student, it’s basically like Facebook but for jobs. Connect with people, keep up to date with the latest news from the fields that interest you, and apply for roles and look for work experience opportunities. Even if you are not necessarily seeking employment now, getting to grips with LinkedIn and filling in your profile whilst at university will give you a great head start.

If being up to date with the biggest and best nights out in Nottingham is your thing, it’s worth using ticket apps like Skiddle and Fixr. You can see a list of all the events coming up, along with being able to buy tickets directly through the app. Trust me, it makes getting your hands on Crisis tickets a little less impossible.

Sophie Hunt

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