Dear Agony Aunt: I’m struggling to make friends…

Dear Auntie Carol…

What’s your advice for freshers struggling to make friends? Do most people have a varied experience when it comes to making friends? I am finding it’s taking me longer than people around me.

Auntie Carol says…

There are two stages to my tried and tested (and PROVED) method of making friends.

“Societies are going to be full of like-minded people looking to make friends”

FIRST of all, what you have to do is put yourself OUT there! Get in a situation where you’re able to meet people and show everyone what an absolute delight you are (I know it’s early days but I can just TELL you’re a delight, I just get those vibes).

The best way to do this is join a society. Societies are going to be full of like-minded people looking to make friends AND you’re guaranteed to have at least one common interest with them. I promise you this isn’t an #ad. I know it might sound like I’m being paid by the SU to advertise, but I’m NOT! I wish I was!

The SECOND step is to start dishing out the compliments. Everyone LOVES compliments – so if you’re the one giving them, everyone will love you TOO! Aim for the ego and you’ll end up with a friend! Every time you meet a new person, try and find one thing to compliment them about. Even if you can’t find anything to compliment, just tell a porky pie!

I learnt this trick from Regina George herself and it’s not failed me yet. You’re going to say ‘Oh my GOD! I love your skirt! Where did you get it?’ to EVERYONE you meet! EVEN if it’s ‘The ugliest effing skirt’ you’ve ever seen! If you follow this advice, I promise you won’t meet the same fate as Regina George – but if you do happen to get hit by a bus, this is an anonymous column so don’t even try and sue!

Alexa play ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’.

Let this wine aunty witter on some more and ask a question here.

Auntie Carol

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