Dear Agony Aunt: I’m struggling to sleep at night…

Impact's Agony Aunt offers some valuable advice on how to get to sleep at night.

Dear Agony Aunt…

I’m struggling to relax and sleep at night, do you have any tips for how to unwind?

Agony Aunt says…

I may not be a sleep expert, but I HAVE been given the Divine Right from our God above (Impact‘s Editor-in-Chief, Emma Heasman) to answer questions as Impact’s new Agony Aunt!

When I was a kid I had the WORST trouble getting to sleep every night. SO, although I may not be qualified at all to answer your question, I CAN offer some sympathy and some tried and tested tips.

What I’d do first is try and read for a bit. If you don’t read – why not? You’re an adult!

Also, listen to some calming music (that sadly doesn’t include Ariana Grande – you’ll get too excited). If I wasn’t anonymous Agony Aunt extraordinaire, I’d be promoting my own Spotify playlists because they’re honestly objectively phenomenal.

Why not treat yourself to a Horlicks. Experts would recommend Horlicks and this expert is not going to argue. If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t let that stop you – use almond milk! You are not your disability!

What you’re not going to do, under any circumstances, is look at your screens! Not ONLY are bright screens going to keep you awake, but we’ve also ONLY got twelve years left to stop climate change – turn it off! Don’t start applying for jobs at 1am; don’t start online shopping at 2am; and do NOT start any Buzzfeed quizzes telling you what kind of sandwich you are at 3am!

Tried and failed attempts include: screwing your eyes closed until you have a headache and black out; holding your breath; Xanax.

Alexa play ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.

Let me run my mouth some more and ask a question here.

Auntie Carol

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