Halloween Makeup Guide – Simple Scarecrow

With Halloween just a few days away, time is running out to source a costume. Treat yourself to this tricky look witch is deceivingly simple!


  1. Start by applying foundation and concealer, then fill in your eyebrows.
  2. Apply a contour slightly darker than your skin tone along your forehead, temples, cheekbones and jaw-line.
  3. Apply an orange/peach colour all over your eyelid, with a slightly darker orange/brown colour in the outer quarter and the crease.
  4. Use a black eyeliner along your upper lash-line and apply a generous coat of black mascara to both your upper and lower lashes.
  5. Using your black eyeliner, trace around the outside of your lips and draw two lines either side of your mouth, finishing just below your cheekbones. Then, with the black eyeliner, draw three crosses on either side.
  6. Add two more crosses on top of your lips and apply a black lipstick.
  7. Draw a triangle in the center of your nose and add thin lines along the outside and fill in with orange eyeshadow.
  8. Apply the orange/brown eyeshadow to the apples of your cheeks and finish with a few freckles across the bridge of your nose with a black or brown eyeliner.

Ellen Morgan 

All images courtesy of Ellen Morgan. 

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