Musical ghost stories: have these musicians lived beyond the grave?

As Halloween grows ever nearer, Hannah looks at the ghost stories circulating around these famous music idols - are they really their ghosts?

There are many conspiracy theories based around the death of famous musicians. But what if these musicians actually did die, and they came back to life through the supernatural? Have their spirits lived on through death? Read these ghostly stories, if you dare…

David Bowie

Lorde was a big fan of David Bowie, and the glam rock singer even said that she was the ‘future of music’. When making her album Melodrama, Lorde thought that Bowie was watching over whilst she was making the record. Indeed, she believes that he hasn’t left her side since his death. Bowie died in 2016 from liver cancer, only two days after the release of his final album, Blackstar.

Jim Morrison

The lead singer of The Doors died in Paris in 1971, making him one of the first members of ‘The 27 Club’. But did his spirit live on beyond the grave? One interesting picture was taken in 1997, when rock historian Brett Meisner stood next to Morrison’s grave in the Père Lachaise cemetery. When you find the image, if you look to the right of Meisner, there is a strange, supernatural figure in the background; is it the ghost of Jim Morrison?

Amy Winehouse

Mitch Winehouse, the father of Amy Winehouse, believes that his daughter returned to life through the form of a blackbird. Another member of ‘The 27 Club’, the Back To Black singer died due to alcohol poisoning in 2011. The week after she died, Mitch was staying at his sister’s house, when they heard a thud on the window. A blackbird had flown into the glass, so they picked it up and let it rest in the house. The bird then sat on Mitch’s foot; he believes it was Amy, as she had a tattoo of a blackbird on her arm. Mitch has also said that Amy’s spirit visits him during the night, sitting on the end of his bed.

Franz Liszt

Here’s an odd one. Rosemary Brown, who was a psychic before she died, was contacted by the ghost of Romantic composer Franz Liszt when she was seven years old; he simply said, ‘what’s up, dawg?’ (A very Liszt thing to say). Forty-one years later in 1964, he returned.

“Brown thought that Liszt would play the piano through her”

In that time, Rosemary learnt the piano and was capable of playing hymns, but nothing too complex. Indeed, Brown thought that Liszt would play the piano through her, placing his supernatural fingers on top of hers, to compose the endings to some unfinished pieces. Although some critics disapproved of her works, some Liszt experts thought that the pieces were indeed in the style of Liszt himself. Not bad for someone who can just about play a hymn!

Miles Davis

If you thought that was weird, wait until you hear this story. The pioneer of cool jazz, Miles Davis, who died in 1991 at the age of 65 after a haemorrhage, is said to embody a car park door in America. (Yes, people actually believe he’s inside the door). When the door is closing, it sounds like melodies from the Davis tune ‘Bitches Brew’. Has Davis found a new medium to express his music?

Do you think these spooky stories have elements of truth in them? Have you been contacted by any musical ghosts? Are the individuals who have connected with the supernatural just a bit whacky? Comment below what you think! But be sure to be nice; you don’t want upset ghosts to come and haunt you in the middle of the night…

Hannah Pickard

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