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As an avid doodler and lecture-notes-graffiti fanatic, I hoped that Art Society might add a splash of colour to a dreary Wednesday evening. I wasn’t disappointed.

I had done Art at A-level, my class being extraordinarily small (ten people, if that). I had enjoyed the chilled vibe: listening to music, having a chat; wandering around idly, hoping that I might be struck by some divine spark of inspiration… all that good stuff.

With this in mind, I wandered merrily on down to Art Society thinking that there would be hardly anyone there. It was going to be very relaxed. I’d meet a few new friendly faces and draw for a bit. Easy. Art Society, however, was not like A-Level. The room was packed.

“I was met by the most amicable chaos I had ever encountered”

As I opened the door, I was met by the most amicable chaos I had ever encountered. Chattering individuals weaved in between seemingly levitating drawing boards; sheets of paper dangled lazily from outstretched arms; eager hands groping greedily at a surplus of art supplies spread out on the table at the front, like an offering to the art gods: pens, pencils, pastels, chalk, charcoal – you name it, Art Society has it ready and waiting.

Slightly alarmed by the number of people, but not deterred, I shuffled in between the mingling masses and squeezed myself into one of the few remaining seats still available. After the initial hustle and bustle settled down, the committee members called for our attention and the chattering gave way to the soft melodious tinkling of classical music. We were ready to begin.

“the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly”

It was a life-drawing session, and at first this worried me. I had never really done life drawing before and I wasn’t that good at sketching the human form…but there was no need fret. The committee members left us entirely to our own devices, and there was absolutely no judgement. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with varying styles, techniques, and levels of artistic prowess. I loved it.

After an hour, we were given a biscuit break and the opportunity to wander around, chat, and have a look at everyone’s work. It was fantastic to see such a diverse range of different approaches, all stemming from the same source of inspiration. Some endeavoured to draw every intricate detail, a single page crammed with tiny little figures in black and white; others went for something a little more abstract, their hands clutching at reams of paper, each page depicting huge close-ups marked in streaks of vibrant colour.

“the committee members are extraordinarily accommodating”

Whether you’re a serious artist or simply enjoy drawing stick-figures as a pass-time, Art Society is a fabulous place to meet new people and do something a little creative. Still-life drawing isn’t the only thing they offer, either. Although it has become one of my favourite activities, the society also dedicates a variety of sessions to things such as mug decorating, tie-dye and pumpkin carving. The committee members are extraordinarily accommodating and always open to new suggestions: there is something at Art Society for everyone.

Isla Weir

Featured image courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr. Image license found here. no changes made to this image.

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