Mussoc with Georgina Pittman

Georgina Pittman, General Secretary of Mussoc, has a sit down interview with Shanai Momi to discuss her experiences at the society for the second year:

  1. When did you first join Mussoc and what made you interested in it?

Having spent a lot of my spare time in music-related activities whilst at school, I knew that I wanted my university life to be no different. However, due to course-related commitments in my first year, I couldn’t get involved until my second year. Although I’m disappointed I missed out on a year of fun, it’s meant I’m a perfect example of someone able to still make the most out of joining a society later on, having since become the General Secretary for this year! As well as getting to perform, it’s been a great way to meet students from all sorts of subjects that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

  1. Thinking back to your first Mussoc taster session, what was it like?

My first impression of Mussoc was just how friendly everyone was. As a second-year student worried she was too late to properly join, I had a few questions, but they were so supportive over Facebook messages and even more so in person. Since I joined the unauditioned choir, Coro Sorelle, the focus was (and still is) much more on everyone having fun and smashing a new piece of music rather than being competitive. I can honestly say I have met some of my loveliest friends through rehearsals with Mussoc and Blowsoc, its sister society.

  1. Who has made your time in the society most memorable?

That’s such a difficult question, since I’ve met so many people through Mussoc. I would have to say that, although any member of Coro Sorelle has helped to make my time in Mussoc amazing, it was the efforts of the 2017-18 committee that inspired me to apply for a committee role myself. Although I love being a part of the choir, being Gen Sec and having the responsibility of organising regular concerts with the Blowsoc Gen Sec (Peter Dunn) has been the cherry on top of the cake.

  1. Can you tell me a bit about the sessions Mussoc conduct throughout the year? How often does the group meet?

Mussoc is a more unique society, since it oversees various ensembles, so every member has a different experience of our community. Each ensemble has weekly rehearsals (which you can find on our Mussoc website) and there are frequent opportunities to perform in concerts. Again, these are mostly specific to each ensemble but, as Gen Sec, I run a series of lunchtime concerts every Tuesday and Friday during term time at 1.15-2pm. They showcase the talents of our different groups, are free to attend and are a great way to spend your lunch break if you don’t fancy performing yourself! We also have lots of socials, from our famous neon bar crawl to our Christmas and Summer Balls, as well as an annual performance tour. There’s always lots of ways to get involved in our society!

Interview conducted by Shanai Momi

Interviewee: Georgina Pittman

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