Style Icon: Luke Spiller of The Struts

The glam-rock frontman to English rock band, ‘The Struts’, is no stranger to the style influences of Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga, embracing the flairs and frills of rock-stage attire.

The Derby-born singer stands in a glowing mix of colours and fabrics, refusing to be confined by the gendering of clothing and makeup; favouring a blend of grunge, metallic, gaudy and brightness to create the ultimate statement of bold carelessness.

“Movement seems crucial to the style he adorns upon the stage”

The beauty of Spiller’s style comes in its ease and fun, from tasselled sleeves to (mandatorily tight) leather trousers, that both mirror the aesthetics of his songs (a ring-masters outfit for their circus-esque song “Roll up”) and his ability to inspire the feeling one gets when headbanging to a favourite hit.

Movement seems crucial to the style he adorns upon the stage and is not hindered in its fabulousness by his ultimate rock-god accessory, sweat (gross yet oddly outfit-completing). Topping it all off with the epochal eyeliner his musical genre cries out for.

Whilst our singer’s style may not be what you’d typically wear in day-to-day life, Spiller does inspire the ideas of trying something new, be that testing the limits of gendered clothing or adding a little pizazz to that jeans-and- t-shirt combination. In the words of the singer himself, ‘whatever I wear, its got to have flairs so you people can stare’.

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