What does your society committee position say about you?

The vast majority of students get involved with at least one society throughout their time at university. Some even go on to join committees to help run the society, but what does your committee position say about you?

President – congratulations, you have made it to the top. Everyone in the society knows who you are and you might as well write BNOC on your CV. However, it’s not all fun and games. You have come to realise that being the big bad Pres requires a lot of responsibility, some pretty dull training and piles of admin work. Sprinkle in some bossing people about and replying to hundreds of Facebook messages and that pretty much sums up your role. But it’s all worth it for the ocean tickets, right?

Vice President – let’s be honest, you’re probably only here because you’re mates with the Pres. But truth be told, you make the Pres look good. Their right hand (wo)man, you are there at their every beck and call. But you’re also in the position that if anything goes wrong you can point the finger elsewhere and hold up your hands and say “I’m not in charge”. You’ve got the balance just right.

Social Secretary – props to you, you’re the fun one. Voted in for your ability to talk to anyone and probably down a pint, your sole responsibility is to make sure that all members have the best time on plenty of socials. Just chuck in a bar crawl every once in a while and you’re pretty much good to go. Just try not to enjoy yourself TOO much and look after the poor freshers who don’t know which Spoons you’re meeting at.

Treasurer – responsible, organised and money-savvy, you save everyone else’s arses. You’ve probably mastered the art of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and love colour coding the shit out of it. Always with a calculator to hand, you know where to find the top bargains. You’re probably already sick of people asking if they can spend ridiculous amounts of money on pointless items, but you simply smile, politely decline and hide your inner contempt.

Welfare – you’re the Agony Aunt of the society. Readily available with a cuppa in one hand and a shoulder to cry on, you always know the right thing to say. Unfortunately for you, your naturally caring nature means that you often get shoved with the too drunk to function society members at socials. Keep going, we love you Welfare.

Sophie Hunt

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