Creative Corner: The Little Things

Merry Christmas everyone, please enjoy this gift from us to you: A fantastic poem by brilliant poet, Lauren

Merry Christmas! This festive season, we here at Impact have done our best to give you a festive-themed entertainment article a day for the 12 days up to and including Christmas Day. Now, as Christmas Day dawns, our festive articles come to an end, but here we hope to end on a high note with a brilliantly christmassy poem by Lauren.

We wind down for winter
as nights grow darker,
keep the lights on:
doorways aglow, strip lighting along the street
to guide Santa
landing his sleigh.

Amidst the stocking fillers and Christmases dinners,
the family fights and National Grid’s worth of outdoor lights,
you wonder.
What is it we truly look forward to?

Just like Mariah Carey, I know what I want for Christmas.
I want to feel this cosiness, this warmth in my soul,
soft as the fluffy socks found in my stocking all year long.

Somehow, it’s always the little things
that matter, not what the glossy adverts claim you need
to have a good time. They’ll never admit,
but the best things in life come for free.

A hand to hold,
greeting someone on the street with a smile,
telling the ones dearest “I love you”.

It’s seeing old friends and family
after months and miles apart,
squabbling with siblings over the last mince pie,
tug of war with crackers.
It’s not about presents piled high under trees on your social media feed
(I always preferred the comic uselessness of tat and party hats in a cracker)

It’s sentimental tear-jerker films that get you every time,
‘til the tears fall with hiccuped giggles, just the tiniest of hilarities
leaves your stomach bent double from laughing so hard.

Wouldn’t change it for the world,
which might not be covered in snow,
and the news might proclaim this world will not last, another overnight
enough to put you off your Christmas’ pud.

Yet this one day, hope and love are uncovered,
not lost after all, but always there,
to get you through another year.

Lauren Winson

Featured image courtesy of Lauren Winson.

Image use licence here.

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