A Ghazal on Diversity

A new term, a new print, a new poem by Joe of a fantastically appropriate form: the ghazal

To coincide with the release of our latest Print issue centring around Diversity, Joe presents us with a fantastic poem on the very same theme. Employing the traditional Arabic poet form of the ghazal, Joe explores the culture of mixed opinions in which we live today.

A Ghazal on Diversity

Diversity demands many degrees of unities
When deciding just what we mean for us to be equal.

It isn’t getting a job because one fills some quota
On some illogical racial rota; to be equal

Is to all have the same chance to shine; they who shines brightest
Wins the day – and that is just – only on talent, are we unequal.

Culture crafts creativity, society’s great spice;
In comes new ideas, new names, new songs – all decreed equal

But all unique, all deserving of respect, all allowed
Their time to be proud, and make proud society. Equal

We are not, when criticism implies offense – better
To debate, counter, than brand those who query who’s equal

Racists, sexists, homo-trans-xeno-phobes, simply because
They disagree with changing ideologies. Equal,

We are not, when we hide behind modern day censorship:
PC culture, not the right culture, to see we equal.

Unleash emotion backed by fact, not fanfare or furor
And be mature; that’s the path to diversity. Equal,

We are, when we all celebrate these opportunities
Present in our diverse communities; we are equal

When we’re hugging, hoping, happy, together as one whole,
Not when we troll, trash, trick, Trump our everybody. Equal

Diversity impossible, and that’s okay because
That’s why we holiday, vast cultures we can see equal

In mass to our now-foreign one – this is acceptance, and
One must understand that one can’t make diversity equal

Because native culture would be lost; nothing is diverse
If all is the same, this a paradox between equal

Thought. Diversity births new love, new laughs, new dance, new art –
Without it, we’d have a hollow society. Unequal.

Yet show restraint, embrace debate, as talking with the least
Diverse, our average Joe’s, is how we can be equal.

Joe Paternoster

Featured image courtesy of 16:9clue via Flickr.

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    Diversity impossible, and that’s okay because
    That’s why we holiday, vast cultures we can see equal


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