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Film Review: A Star Is Born

Watching the trailer for Cooper’s A Star Is Born left me feeling underwhelmed; it looked like another cringey rom-com which I usually cannot stand. However, after some persuasion and cinema tickets at the Savoy Cinema only costing £4.85, I went to see it and I was left in shock (and tears) at this amazing film, a film that is undoubtedly the best I have seen this year.

“It is a heart-warming and devastating story that needs to be retold”

It is the fourth version of the original A Star Is Born film, with the plot line remaining fairly similar to its predecessors. It follows the story of a male singer who ensures similar success for his female romantic interest, but eventually, her elevation leads to his humiliation and downfall. This version differs slightly because he does not resent his partners’ success, with the tension between them being a result of her music not taking the journey they originally thought it would; taking a pop turn, rather than the country vibes it had at the start of the film. Whatever the decade or century, it is a heart-warming and devastating story that needs to be retold.

Bradley Cooper plays the rugged and handsome Jackson Maine, a country singer who becomes increasingly reliant on alcohol. Lady Gaga plays waitress and want-to-be singer Ally whose love with Maine blossoms slowly but feels very real.

“All the songs did not disappoint”

The film was Gaga’s first lead role on the screen and boy, she did not disappoint. Cooper banned Gaga from wearing any make up which makes a dramatic change from her typical extravagant make up, hair and outfits; the meat dress did not make an appearance in this film (thank god). This decision really helped her feel more ‘real’ for viewers in her role as vulnerable but hopeful Ally. Not only this, but her voice finds its full potential in a country style; being much more suited to this than her typical pop style.

All the songs did not disappoint either; from Gaga’s French ‘La Vie en Rose’ to the final ‘I’ll Never Love Again’, all are emotionally sincere. Whilst the film contains over ten songs, it lacks that cringey musical feel and never feels weird when they start singing randomly. Interestingly, a lot of the songs were filmed at real festivals, including Glastonbury and Coachella. ‘Shallow’ is the best of the entire soundtrack and saw Cooper gain his first number one in the charts.

“It is a real love story which left the entire cinema in tears”

The movie creates a clear message about the highs and the lows of Hollywood from a behind the scenes perspective. This feels almost ironic considering its star-studded cast and it being a Hollywood movie itself. However, it is not at all a ‘shallow’ film, as its award winning song would suggest, instead, it is a real love story which left the entire cinema in tears at the effect Hollywood fame had on Cooper in the film’s conclusion.

If this has not been enough to persuade you to see it, then a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes TELLS you that it is worth the watch.


Charlotte Hegley

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