Preview – Hal Cruttenden ‘Chubster’

Hal Cruttenden is set to have everyone laughing at the Glee Club this March

With review headlines such “believe me, this is as good as it gets” to describe this upcoming performance, there is no doubt that Hal Cruttenden’s career as a stand-up comic has soared over the years. Coming to Nottingham’s The Glee Club on 13th March 2019, this is bound to be a night of pure laughter that will, with no doubt, ensure it will be one to remember.

Growing up in Ealing, West London, and with a standard education at the University of York, Hal has had a versatile career, from stand-up comedy to being a writer and an actor. He has starred in the BBC long standing drama soap opera EastEnders in the 1990s (having studied acting in his youth) as well as the popular comedy shows Mock the Week, Have I got News for You, The Apprentice, and Live at the Apollo. He also has his own stand-up comedy DVD entitled Hal Cruttenden Live: Tough Luvvie that came out in 2015.

Bringing real life topics into focus that fit out world today, such as obesity, relationship struggles and dealing with the death of loved ones, Cruttenden comes across as a relatable comedian with a raw truth and honesty to his humour whilst seeming light-hearted. He has been described by online website ‘The Review Hub’ to “introduce a topic, nudge close to the point of offence and then, like a naughty child who cannot resist temptation, go that bit too far.” You can almost move past his ‘over the line’ remarks because of the way he tells them. After all, he is a family man.

With all positive reviews (4 and 5 stars) across the board, Hal Cruttenden’s stand-up comedy show is the one to see this year.

Olivia Morel

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