2019: Your Best Budget Travel Destinations

Dreaming of getting away but the bank account won’t permit? This list has been compiled to help all you backpackers out there make “travel more” your resolution for the new year. Whether you’re a beach bum or would rather be found halfway up a mountain with your hiking sticks in tow, these are some of the best budget locations for you this year.

If you’re after a beach holiday…

Situated just down the waters from the well-known Santorini, Ios is a Greek Island with everything Santorini has, but without the price tags. You won’t be fighting your way through crowds all determined to bag the perfect Instagram here. With the same beautiful white houses and pink flowers combinations built high into the hills, almost anywhere you go will present the perfect sea view, and with the clear blue Aegean waters and white sands, Ios is the ideal destination to sit back and relax.

  • Average cost per night: £27 (There aren’t any hostels on the island so you’re paying more but for what you get it is great value!)

If you’re looking for the mountains…

If you like to be kept busy and fresh the mountain air is your thing then head over to Almaty Kazakhstan. Located amongst the Tien Shan mountains, Almaty is magical at any time of the year. Hike through the forests in summer and grab your skis for the snowy season. By night be sure to enjoy all the bustling nightlife has to offer – at around 43 pence for a beer you can’t go wrong!

  • Average cost per night: Hostels in Almaty sit generally at a bargain price of around a fiver – that said if you’re feeling especially cheap you can check in at some for only £3!

If you’re looking for a city break…

For the past few years Poland has been a hit for city breakers with tourists snapping up cheap flights to Warsaw and Krakow. However, this year Lodz has put its name on the map. What it lacks in the traditional architecture and olden day beauty it makes up for in energy. This urban cultural metropolis with winding graffiti covered streets has an abundance of museums, galleries, bars and nightclubs. Not to mention it has the countries longest street at 4.2 km!

  • Average cost per night: Hostels cost around £7

And if you’ve got your sight sets on somewhere further afield…

Whilst it’s a tough time for Argentina’s economy, savvy travellers will note that this has its benefits. In 2012 a pound would get you around 4.5 Argentinian pesos, now a pound will get you 47 pesos making 2019 one of the cheapest times to visit Argentina yet! And if that’s not enough reason to book your next flight, just think about the lively capital, the national parks of Patagonia, the rainforests, the mountains and all the best red wine and the steak.

  • Average cost per night: Hostels usually range from around £5-£12 depending on location.

So get travelling folks!

Lois Barton

Featured image courtesy of Kostas Limitsios via Flickr.

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