5 Fast Ways to Make Extra Money as a Student

Tired of eating three-day old pasta because you can’t afford a decent food shop? Maybe you’re sitting in the dark with the heating off, student loan nothing but a distant memory, wondering how much colder it can possibly get in your student digs before your breath crystalizes in your throat and your fingers turn into ice-pops. Being a student can be a monetary nightmare, but with Job Today, students are raking in that extra cash.

Job Today is the UK’s number one hiring app, dedicated to helping students and graduates find full-time and part-time employment. Here are five ways you can boost your student income:

     1. Delivery Driver

“Delivery jobs are perfect for those with an unpredictable schedule”

Desperate to explore the city but lacking in sufficient funds? Delivery work offers the perfect opportunity to find out what there is in Nottingham while getting paid as much as £15 an hour. Most students already have a phone and a bike already, in which case, you’re all set! Delivery jobs are perfect for those with an unpredictable schedule, as you can pick and choose the hours you work.

     2. Dog Walker

Love dog memes but sometimes wish you had more ‘real dog interaction’ and less ‘financial insecurity’? Job Today has you covered. Many people work during the day and will want their dogs walking while they are out. This presents the perfect opportunity for canine loving students to earn an average wage of £12.50 per hour. Even better, if you’re walking more than one dog, you could double or even quadruple your hourly earnings!

Why not try dog walking? Image by William Murphy

      3. Tutor

Tired of sharing your wisdom and getting called a ‘know-it-all’? Maybe you should just get paid for it by people who appreciate the help. Tutoring pays well (more that £15.50 an hour) and counts as valid work experience. Not only that, but it looks great on your CV! However, make sure you keep up with your own classes first and offer additional tuition as and when you have time.

     4. Bar Work

Get bar experience and become everyone’s favourite person at pre-drinks! A lot of bar work involves late shifts, which can be perfect for students who have uni during the day. Many bar jobs don’t require much experience and pay around minimum wage. Duties may vary between bars, but in many establishments the pay is topped up with tips which means you can end up earning a lot more.

Bar staff work? Image by anokarina

     5. Sell Your Stuff

“eBay and Schpock are all great for selling things second hand”

No time to work but need some cash? Electronics like old phones, tablets and video games always sell well online, but there is also a demand for old textbooks (which can be very pricey when purchased first hand). Websites like eBay and Schpock are all great for selling things second hand.

If you’re looking for a part-time job to help earn a bit more money while studying, visit https://jobtoday.com/gb


Isla Weir

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