What Does your Library Coffee Order Say About You?

Coffee is a highly personal affair, and everyone defends their own order to their deathbed. Yet with so many different types out there, what does your library coffee order say about you?

Espresso – The only people who like espressos are those who mean business. You’re a real go-getter and a working machine. They’re the people there at 7 in the morning, ready to power through the day, no milk or fancy chocolate sprinkles needed – they’re there for one purpose, to work.

Americano– Those who drink Americanos are the ones in the library who are always prepared, they’re at University to get a good grade and not just for a laugh. They’re armed and ready with highlighters and a packed lunch, they’re highly organised people and never leave anything till the last minute. Those who drink their Americanos black are the most serious people and the ones to really watch out for, beware of black coffee drinkers, you never know what they’re plotting.

Cappuccino – You’re pretty normal, but you like a bit of fun. You’re a bubbly and bright person, usually hyper. You like a bit of excitement in your life and are always on nights out, but you make it to your lectures the next day with the help of your trusty friend the Cappuccino. Coffee is life, you’d literally die without it.

Latte – The most basic and popular coffee order. Latte drinkers are your average student, add syrup and they become even more basic. These students epitomise university life, they probably make it to 50% of their lectures which is more than a 40% pass so it’s good right? They live a care-free life until deadline week and then they go into a mad panic. You’ll probably see them at 4 in the morning on deadline day.

Mocha – You’re a weakling when it comes to coffee, the Mocha is known to be the least coffee tasting drink you can order whilst still being coffee. You’ll probably be frenzied after one cup as you’re still new to the coffee world and haven’t matured enough yet to stomach Cappuccinos. You’re a wannabe, you want to like coffee and you want to work hard but realistically you’ll be in the library for 7 hours and do 2 hours of real work whilst scrolling on Instagram. You probably storied your coffee just to show all your followers that you do actually go to the library occasionally, even if it is just to sit on your phone.

Skinny – There’s a few people out there who do actually care about their weight and ask for their drinks skinny. These are the people everyone wants to be, they come to the library in their gym gear and look athletic af, probably in sports stash and Gymshark leggings. They’re the ones everybody is really jealous of let’s be honest. I wish I cared about myself enough to remember to order skinny milk.

Vending machine coffee – The ones who can’t be bothered with Starbucks because the queue is always long, and it’s overpriced. These are the people who are there to get their stuff done and get back to bed ASAP. They don’t care what they look like, probably rolled out of bed and still in their joggers. They couldn’t care less if the coffee tastes gross, caffeine has one purpose, to help them through this all-nighter.

Miriam Thompson 

Featured image courtesy of Matthew Hamm via Flickr, no changes made to image. Image licence can be found here.

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