Celebrating All Types of Love on Valentine’s Day

Growing up my parents always made an effort to show me I was loved on Valentine’s Day, potentially out of pity for my eternal singleness. My mom wrote me an ‘anonymous’ card every year along with some much appreciated chocolate, and my dad would buy me flowers. For me and my family, Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, it is also a celebration of the love shared between family members, friends and even pets.

Despite being sickeningly commercialised and completely over the top, St Valentine’s Day does have an important message about taking the time to express our love for those closest to us. It shouldn’t be a time for us single folk to feel bad about not having a partner. Whether you are in a relationship or not, there are some lovely little ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without having to splash too much cash, like sending someone a nice message, buying them food or watching a film together. Making an effort to brighten someone’s day that you care about will never go amiss, no matter if the day has a label or not.

“Galentine’s is a great opportunity to show support and love for your friends”

In recent years Galentine’s has emerged on the internet as a way of showcasing friendships on this day of love. In my opinion Galentine’s is a great opportunity to show support and love for your friends, and it’s not just limited to ‘gals’. I remember scrolling through my Instagram feed last year and being bombarded with cheesy pictures of smiling couples declaring their undying love for their partner. My friend posting about appreciation for her friends really made my day and reminded me that love is not just about romantic relationships.

“Self-care and self-love is just as important”

As well as celebrating love for your friends and family this Valentine’s Day, self-care and self-love is just as important. With the hectic lifestyle of university, we often forget to take the time to look after ourselves properly and don’t give our bodies the love they deserve. Whether it’s having a relaxing bath and face mask (which can solve a multitude of problems), catching up on sleep or reading that book you keep forgetting about, Valentine’s Day is all about you too. You shouldn’t feel guilty about being a bit selfish once in a while. You’re stuck with yourself all day and all your life, so remember to show your number one some love.

This year us students have the added treat of receiving results on Bluecastle on 14th February, so try not to stress about it too much. Rather than feeling blue this Valentine’s Day, spread a little love to your nearest and dearest. Ring your parents, treat yourself to that brownie and spend the day doing something you enjoy. After all, St Valentine would want you to.

Sophie Hunt

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