Creative Corner – ‘Sonnet’ Showcase

A collection of poetry on the theme of 'Sonnets'.

As it’s February we thought we’d go a bit old school this month and make the theme ‘sonnets’ in time for Valentine’s day. The theme is used in the loosest sense of the word with our poems either using the common form of the sonnet and others the focus of love. 

La Lune 

Oh the moon is a wolf tonight,

she prowls disconsolate skies

and carves a bloody light

across knuckles slips between the sheets to claw at your eyes,

whilst stars caress scarred skin, their kindred. Missing

molecules softly stolen. Now absence an imprint

where a body once lay, an instrument of celestial ringing

that reverberates through your skull. A hint

of lunar left behind.

Waxing and waning, each breath

becomes light years. Your body misaligned, must orbit the mind.

Flung into the cosmos, this composition by death.

Until exhausted by immensity, cradled in the arms of the atmosphere,

you’ll burn out, dissipate. The moon shall gather each radiant tear.


Lauren Winson


Anthem for Bloomed Youth

I used to be the child who would

hide, teary-eyed from the fairground rides

that made her feel something.

I used to fire lasers from my irises

and spit venom from saturnine lips,

stifling an acrid tongue and boa-bite

that swelled from tortured youth.

I used to sentence myself to life behind the

bolstered blinds of my bedroom; a quarantine

for festering thoughts where the sun neither

rose nor set and my mind ate itself alive.

I used to think I had an inclination towards isolation,

but with your skin, soft and familiar like worn-

leather, pressed against mine, I found a peace

my restless mind could never provide.


Liv Stock



I look to you, my muse, you stand

On two tall feet, before my eyes

Such radiance I see: radiance grand

It’s you, I’ll hold you when you cry…

Here I go, unbuckling the chain,

That wraps around a shrivelled heart

Enrapturing round my injured brain

Where you did leave that transfixed mark

On me. Break free break free I now desire

Can I not move, and not sustain

My strength to love, all you, my liar

My one my only wish: obtain

Your imperfections – good for me

Let you see it, and make you believe.


Olivia Morel


The Storm

I am the girl with a heart full of rain

And you are willing to drown in it.

And maybe that is why the biggest storms

Are named after people.


Liv Stock


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