Jack’s Flight Club: The Travel App Every Student Needs

Student life can be tough, sometimes when I’m sat in my little uni room, I just feel the urge to get away, yet my overdraft argues otherwise. Here’s my little hack for grabbing those cheap flights to lots of different countries which I’ve advocated and loved for years. And it’s called Jack’s Flight Club.

Need a cheap flight but can’t be bothered to hunt for one? Jack does the work for you. Jack’s Flight Club is an email-based system or app, you can choose, which sends you regular updates on the best flight deals without you having to search the internet yourself. The site won’t book the flights for you, but it gives you the dates, locations and the instructions for how to book it yourself, it’s just the provider of this information.

“It’s how I ended up spontaneously going to Timisoara in Romania”

It’s not something you use if you’re looking for a specific destination as the updates are based on the deals available not specific locations. But if you haven’t picked out where you’re going or feel inspired by some of the amazing deals it’s perfect. It’s how I ended up spontaneously going to Timisoara in Romania for a £30 return, because why not right?

“It could save you a lot”

The app offers free and premium memberships. Premium members simply get 4x more offers than the free members, it’s as simple as that. I’d recommend the premium version if you want to go to multiple destinations or long haul and haven’t made up your mind yet, it could save you a lot and it doesn’t cost too much (Just under £3 a month). However, the free version still sends plenty of updates which leaves you with a lot of choice. The emails and updates aren’t predictable though, you could have five in a week and non the next, it’s all up to the flight deals around at the time.

So, if you know you want to go abroad and want to save some money this is the perfect app!

Miriam Thompson

For more information on Jack’s Flight Club click here

Featured image courtesy of Tracy Vickers via Flickr.

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