Meet your 2019 LGBT+ Officer Candidate

Jake Card is a first year Chemistry student running to be your LGBT+ officer for the 2019-2020 academic year. The following are a few key points from his manifesto:

Believing that “community change is always required”, Jake is committed to people being “taught about the past issues and main events that every LGBT+ person should know”.

In order to achieve this, Jake is “working in depth with local drag queens and LGBT+ charities to support local youth to understand and be excepting of themselves and their peers.”

Jake wishes to “enlighten more people to the artform of drag and hopefully put on a show”.

In terms of experience for the role, Jake has completed “volunteering and charity work for LGBT+ charities” which have helped him “build [his] courage up whilst building up others”.

Overall, Jake “would love to spread the message of love and not hate into this dreary world we live in!”

You can read Jake’s full manifesto here-

Eleanor Gray

To read the manifestos for your Education candidates, head to the Student Leader Elections website. 

Featured image: Ella Taylor. 

Images courtesy of Impact Images.

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