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A celebration of culture – International Festival Week

International Officer Aanchal Rawal along with the International Students Network came together to create a festival week full of opportunities for students to embrace a variety of cultures.

As the International festival week draws to a close, Impact spoke to Aanchal Rawal, the International Officer, about the hard work that herself and the International Student Network have done to put together an unforgettable Festival week for students at UoN.

Q. What does the international festival week mean to you?
A. When I became the International Officer, two of the things I wanted to achieve was inclusivity and diversity. International Festival Week does that. A multitude of events, try-it sessions, exhibitions were on around the university. The week was a celebration of UoN culture, UoN societies for UoN students. I feel proud to be running this network event along with the ISN committee. Planning and executing this massive event will definitely be the highlight of my university experience.

Q. What are you looking forward to during the festival week?
A. Personally, I am looking forward the most to the outdoor food market (runs 4 times this week), Ikebana and henna workshops, Indian Dance Society workshop, NU and Belly dance sessions along with Swedish and Latin Film festivals. On a slight bias note, really excited for the ISN Grand Finale event on the last day of the week (Friday, 15th March).

Q. What should students look forward to for international festival week that they’ve never seen before?
A. This year, we have Wing Chun martial arts sessions twice in the week, Chinese Crafts Workshop, Latin Film Festival (running three times), BME Network’s ‘building international network solidarity’ event. The outdoor food market is something really new and exciting with different cuisines to try (Korean, Indian, Bubble tea).

During the week there has definitely been a buzz on campus with flashmobs being performed at various locations – it has been a true celebration of culture. Despite the fact that we’ve come to the end of the festivities there are still plenty of activities taking place today, be sure to check out their Facebook page here and make sure to not miss out on the grand finale tonight on campus.

Marvel Kalu

Image courtesy of International Student Network 

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