Beauty Tips from a Makeup and Skincare Specialist

On mothers day, Megan shares the advice she has received from her mum on looking after your skin.

Having grown up with a makeup and skincare specialist for a mother (thank god), I have been lucky enough to have a walking-talking beauty expert by my side, ready to call me out on questionable makeup choices, make my ‘unflattering’ clothes disappear, and point out any dry skin on my face. Thanks mum. And in lieu of mother’s day—or as I like to call it, crunch time before mum finds out I have spent my overdraft—I have rounded up the best beauty tips passed onto me by my own mum.

  1. Eyebrows: less is more!

As all makeup artists will attest, eyebrows are the frames of the face, and they can make or break any look.  It is one thing wanting your eyebrows to stand out but it is a game changer when your mum calls you Bert from Sesame Street! Yes mother, that still hurts. And if I have learnt anything from my experiences over the years, it is that you should always buy a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. Pencil or powder, the choice is yours, but whether you are opting for a fresh-faced glow or a more dramatic vibe, it is always best to keep the brows au naturel – trust me, I’ve been there.

Whenever I am drawing on my eyebrows, I like to remind myself of my mum’s no. 1 rule: the eyebrows should look as natural as the day you were born, so unless you left the womb with slugs on your face, stop right there. Just because the colour is lighter, it does not mean you have to layer up for effect—it is not a crayon people!  Apply one fine layer and gradually top up as needed but refrain from overdoing it. It is always important to remember that makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty, not to change it.

  1. No hairspray on the face EVER

I will set the scene. You are getting ready for a night out and you have just finished your makeup regime. Suddenly, you turn to the mirror and you think, ‘someone’s looking good tonight, maybe I should pursue modelling’.  But as soon as the clock strikes 12, it is hello mascara flakes, crusted lips, and chronic acne. I get it, desperate times call for desperate measures but you should NEVER use hairspray to set your makeup.

Full of alcohol and lacquers which dry out your skin, hairspray can actually leave you looking dehydrated and older. And what is worse, with all of its repellents, you are running the risk of irritating your skin, resulting in anything from redness to itchy lumps and bumps. Gross. My mum’s solution—to use a facial spritz. Sold by most makeup brands at a reasonable price, take a hydration spray in your bag and top up throughout the day to keep your makeup looking fresher for longer. It does the job just as well as hairspray but without causing any damage to your skin.

  1. Wash your makeup brushes

Most of us use our makeup brushes daily, so it is no surprise that over time they can become compact with makeup and oil, leaving them out of shape and full of breakout-causing bacteria. I know, I know—it is hard to get your 5-a-day, but is it so hard to wash your makeup brushes once a month? As someone who suffers from spot-prone skin, I have always been grateful to my mother for this top tip when it comes to skincare. And I promise, it will not take you away from Netflix for more than 5-10 minutes.

Start by rinsing the brush with warm water and then apply a small amount of mild shampoo to the palm of your hand. Moving the brush in a circular motion, swirl the bristles in your palm so that the shampoo can clear any oil or bacteria from the brush. Next, rinse out the shampoo (you will know the brushes are clean when the water turns clear), and then flick the brush head into the sink until it is almost dry. Once this is done, reshape the brush with your fingertips and place it on the side at a tilted angle so that the handle is higher than the brush head. You can do this by rolling up a towel or flannel to rest the handle on, before placing dry tissue underneath the brush head. This will make your brushes last longer and prevent any excess breakouts from taking place.

Megan Bull

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