Style Icon: Billie Eilish

Harriet shares one of her style icons.

She’s got her ‘Ocean Eyes’ album going viral for its unique sounds, and her style is not far behind in its creativity. For a 17 year old, I applaud her bizarre and inventive approach to fashion.

One of the most notable features of Eilish’s style is her ability to combine a spectrum of shades in one outfit and create a revolutionary look, which if anyone else were to attempt would just be a tragic clash combo. She couples yellows with black to embody a human bumblebee. Neon plus neon, seasoned with some neon. Tiger orange suited with cobalt blue. By ditching the classic, nude or black shades it acts as a reflection of her ambitious personality that aims to defy and challenge stereotypes.

Another prominent feature of Billie’s style is comfort. She avoids figure-hugging outfits, so you are unlikely to see her in a bodycon dress or pencil skirt. She selects more ill-fitted pieces of clothing such as jumpers and t-shirts that rest at her knees paired with midi shorts or baggy cargos. It exposes the more relaxed element of her style, to accommodate her cool and casual approach to life where she always wants to go with the flow.

Patterns are pivotal if you want to look like Billie and I do not mean a few stripes and stars, I am talking funky fire flames or graphic designs, squiggles and swirls chosen from the full spectrum. Alongside singing her other job is going to designers or crafty thrift stores to find exclusive and exquisite items, which no one else will have. She completes her look with intense heavy gold chains or chunky rings.

Last but definitely not least are the shoes.  The girl could be 4 foot tall and we would not even know because she disguises her height with her selection of chunky platforms. Trainers and boots (heels are foreign) with a thick bottom to really make a statement. She likes her monochrome, so a white outfit with some black shoes or vice versa. Naturally, she also possesses many bold coloured shoes because the brighter the better.

She embraces her quirkiness which encourages teens her own age and younger to embrace their own style no matter how adventurous it is, and while for many it may be ‘too much’ I know that if I had the confidence (and money) to pull it off… I would.

Harriet Mills

Featured Image courtesy of @wherearetheavocados via Instagram.

Main Images courtesy of @wherearetheavocados via Instagram.

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