Nottingham Students Strike for Climate

On Friday 15th March schools across Nottingham went on strike, joining millions of other students for the global School Strike for climate protest. Our news correspondent Esme Johnson was in town during the march and spoke to those who were in attendance.

Students from schools across Nottingham went on strike this Friday, joining millions of others around the world for the international School Strike for Climate. The movement, started by sixteen-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, has led to Thunberg being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and has inspired countless young people across the globe.

The march began at 11 am in Trinity Square, marching through the city center to meet at the Nottingham Council House. Young people of all ages, many carrying signs and chanting, were protesting the lack of governmental leadership in regards to climate change.

“Chants of ‘this is what democracy looks like'”

The students were demanding that the government declare a climate emergency. The Fridays for Future and Youth Strike 4 Climate protests have happened in more than 60 locations in the UK alone.
Chants of ‘this is what democracy looks like’ and ‘what do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!’ could be heard even over the strong wind. Signs were varied and impassioned, demanding an end to fracking, or clearly stating ‘denial is not a policy’.

Many signs held pictures of Thunberg, as well as some of her popular quotes. Sophie, 16, who was striking for the first time, told IMPACT ‘I’m just really inspired by her. She’s my age and she’s getting people to take notice of what she’s doing.’

Other young people, some young enough to be accompanied by their parents, carried signs and listened to speakers, making their opinions clear. The protest continued until 2 pm, with varied banners reading ‘climate emergency: we must act now’, ‘climate is changing. Why can’t we?’ and ‘fossil fuels’ with pictures of varied politicians.

Louis, 18, and Mo, 19, described the atmosphere as ‘exciting’.

‘I didn’t think there would be such a good turn out,” said Louis. “But I think we’re all here for the same reason. You don’t have to be young to see that things are getting worse and lots of politicians and governments aren’t listening to us. I think this will actually do something.’

Esme Johnson

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