Style Icon: Rachel Green from Friends

Harriet explains why Jennifer Aniston's character is her style icon.

Whether you grew up in the 90s with Friends on your TV or only watched it last week, you will notice that amongst all the heartbreak and humour, some of the cast members have seriously sweet styles. In particular Rachel Green, who manages to look casual, preppy, and sexy all in one, making her outfits ones we have wished we could wear… no matter how old we are or what year it is.

While Rachel’s life seems to have constant drama in it, her outfit choices are often way more chilled as if she just raided her boyfriend or even her dad’s wardrobe. Overalls teamed with a white t-shirt, or loose fitting jeans paired with a creative cardigan for when she grabs a coffee, suggests that with her ‘new life’ comes the ‘new her’ that does not feel like she needs to be glammed up all day everyday.

“She makes comfy become classic and cool.”

She is good at many things (flirting, shopping, and gossiping), but sports is not quite her thing—unless she is wearing it. She loves a Knicks jumper, or any kind of baseball t-shirt with some joggers for when her and Monica want simply lounge around and eat fat-free ice cream. She makes comfy become classic and cool.

She is also not shy to put on a mini skirt whatever the weather. Match it with a turtleneck for the winter or a tie-up blouse for New York’s sunnier days, it reveals her more flirtatious nature, simple but also sexy and does a great job of getting her out of a parking ticket.

Of course for when her life (rarely) gets serious, she has got a matching suit somewhere in the back of her wardrobe, which screams businesswoman. Or even a super long mint green dress, for when she has got to go to her boyfriend’s dinosaur presentation. You can never really overdress for those kind of presentations…

Essentially, she can pull of any style in any place. For a girl who came to the city with just a wedding dress, she sure finds her style, so even when her life may be falling apart she still looks good while it is happening. Her outfits are classics, I reckon even my grandchildren will still want to dress (and live) like her.

Harriet Mills

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