Sustainability when Travelling: Impact Travel’s Top Tips

I remember the first time that I heard about sustainable travel. The first question I asked is how can I travel sustainability, and could I participate in sustainable travel. The answer is yes, all of us can travel more sustainability. Here are Impact Travel’s Top Tips for sustainable travel. 

Avoid the plane and take the train

Travelling by plane will cause a lot of emissions and raise our carbon footprints. Actually, there are many places in Europe or Asia that are expanding their railway system and connecting different cities and countries together this year. This means we could travel to different countries by train instead of travelling by plane. This will decrease our carbon footprints and deepen our travel experiences, and make a difference from travelling by plane. Just enjoy the slow travel!

“local business depends on the income from the tourism”

Minimise the plastic use

One of the major factors that is destroying the environment is plastic. When you travel to other countries, remember to say no to plastics. In some cities, there are water machines set up in the public area which encourage the public to bring their own water bottles to refill the water. Therefore, this year, before going to a country, do some research about whether you can drink tap water or the location of water machines, and bring your water bottles with you! Also, bringing along a recycled bag is useful since most countries will charge a plastic bag fee when you ask for a bag during your shopping. This also could help to reduce plastic waste!

Support the real local

There is a phenomenon that once the place becomes a popular tourist attraction, the business will be dominated by franchise companies and the local shops will find it hard to survive. In some less developed countries, local business depends on the income from the tourism for living so that this year we could ensure our contribution economy will have a more direct and positive impact by making sure that the products are originated from the local, instead of other countries as a way of encouraging them. Also, we have to respect their culture, such as asking for their permissions before taking pictures of their products.

“through sustainable travel, we can protect the environment and preserve destinations for the next generation”

Don’t buy products made from wildlife

For some countries, people sell products that are made from wildlife such as horn and elephant tusks. In fact, this is a way of destroying the natural habitat and wildlife. As a result, more and more animals will become endangered. In order to stop encouraging the people to destroy the natural habitat, when we see that a product is made from wildlife, remember to say no to the product. This is an important way that we could help to protect the natural habitat, as well as animal welfare.

Preserve for the next generation to experience what we are experiencing now

The importance of sustainable travel is to protect the unique culture from getting suppressed and being destroyed or replaced by the franchise business which only wants to earn money as a priority. More importantly, the number of people travelling is increasing, yet through sustainable travel, we can protect the environment and preserve destinations for the next generation, so they get to experience the positive experience that we are having today.

Charlotte Leung

Featured image Yuhei Kuratomi via Flickr.

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