James Pheasey has been elected as your new Students’ Union President for 2019/2020.

James was declared President for the 2019/2020 academic year after winning in the sixth round with 1552 votes.

James said he was feeling ‘relieved’ since it was such a close race and he thought he’d ‘get second’. ‘I’m from a working-class background and my win is a win for liberation networks.’

As highlights of his campaign he mentions people wanting to know more about his manifesto and exploring parts of university he had never been to.

‘Staying awake’ was probably the biggest challenge during the campaign process, together with ‘getting a grasp of social media and how it worked’.

He’s really looking forward to the Union Council reforms and the Network system reforms. He wants to ‘try and get the officer positions reformed first in time for next year’s elections’, as well as the payment of part-time officer, and making international officer a full-time position.

Lastly, he’d like everyone to know he has ‘a lot of pheasible things he has planned out. Change is pheasible, and he’s ready to implement his manifesto points so that he can enable everyone else’s, hopefully, as the last president.’


Claude Mahlich withdrew from the election.

Round 1

Meg Rogerson: 499

Liv Narayan: 809

James Pheasey: 1033

Osaze Odiase: 151

Louis Connor: 931

RON: 133


Round 2

Meg Rogerson: 499

James Pheasey: 1040

Louis Connor: 934

Liv Narayan: 812

Osaze Odiase: 157


Round 3

Meg Rogerson: 508

James Pheasey: 1047

Louis Connor: 944

Liv Narayan: 835


Round 4

James Pheasey: 1096

Louis Connor: 1013

Liv Narayan: 897


Round 5

James Pheasey: 1195

Louis Connor: 1153


Round 6

James Pheasey: 1552


Rita Faria Figueiras

Interviewed by Marvel Kalu

Featured image courtesy of Impact Images

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