Why I will always be envious of my mother’s style

Harriet celebrates her mother's fashion sense in time for mother's day.
Courtesy of Harriet Mills.

With mother’s day approaching, I have decided that my gift to her is me admitting that she has, and always will have better style then me.

Dress to Impress

‘You can never be overdressed’ is the clichéd catchphrase that epitomizes my mother’s style. Her confidence and glamorous persona are conveyed through her love for wearing a dress at any given opportunity (she even wears one on the walk to work). A dinner date or a work soirée becomes the perfect excuse to wear one that is often of a dark shade but has some sparkle or sequins. In doing so it allows the shoes to be the center of attention for the night. Whether it is snakeskin stilettos or a red suede ankle strap, heels are always the answer. However, roles are reversed when she successfully styles a dress down for daywear. A patterned maxi dress teamed up with some white sneakers for when she is just grabbing a coffee. Wherever she is going, a good dress is going with her.

In life you need a stripe, am I right?

An absolute essential in my mother’s wardrobe (and now in both mine and my sisters’) is a classic Breton Stripe top. Whether the stripes are blue, red, or green—you name a colour and my mum has got it. She pairs it with some trousers, jeans, or even a maxi skirt, but all in a subtle shade to allow the t-shirt to be the headliner of the outfit. It exemplifies her preppy approach to fashion, a classy woman who goes for afternoon tea, or takes a walk in the country. Team it with a Barbour jacket and she is the ultimate English angel.

Slope style

If I have learnt anything from my mother it is that ‘I have got the rest of my life to wear black’ and that such a ‘simple shade’ can look good on anyone. In a constant attempt to battle against the ever-growing popularity of black in clothing, she frequently purchases clothes of a brighter shade. She adores her pinks and reds to express her wilder personality traits and the slopes are the perfect place to sport these colours. The cool white jacket that melts into the snowy backdrop contrasts perfectly to the highlighter pink salopettes. Fair to say, you could spot her from a mile away… even on the mountains.

‘Add to basket’…*every single one of your jackets*

We have got leather, fur, print, trench, wax, quilt, and we have got my dad who is always finding new places to keep all these coats. While jackets are my mum’s least favourite item due to her belief they cloud over the rest of the outfit, when she does wear one, she wears it well. A plain tee and a leather jacket with those ‘meant to look effortless’ curls, or a leopard print faux fur coat for when she is going to ‘lunch club’ (yes she is part of one of those… and she loves it), with those pink spectacles as the cherry on top.

Why don’t I look like this in my twenties?

I think my most envious phase is definitely the one that mirrors my current age. The twenties. She rocked a chilled, cool, and casual style where she put an oversized t-shirt with some funky shorts. She owned a pair of green dungarees (and I mean green). Loose dresses or a Calvin Klein tee with some relaxed denim shorts, and topped off with the sunflower hat. Flower power, and some loose blonde locks. Mama… you pretty.

All in all, while I am not one of the soppiest individuals, I will admit I am very lucky to have a mother that dresses so well. She even still picks my outfits. She will probably choose my wedding dress.

Thanks for being such a stylish senorita both inside and out xo

Harriet Mills

Featured Image and Main Images courtesy of Harriet Mills.

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