Winner: Community Officer – Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier has been elected as your new Students’ Union Community officer for 2019/2020.

Jacob Collier has been declared the Community Officer for the 2019/20 academic year after winning 1 round of voting, with 3283 votes.

Jacob is feeling good and relieved about the result, although surprised about Edward’s withdrawal.

His highlight of the campaign trail was the “comradery between people”, and the hard work of his campaigners.

He enjoyed talking to students and getting feedback on his points. His biggest challenge was eating properly throughout the campaign and states “It’s very easy to eat takeaways”.

He’s most excited about his manifesto point of implementing the SU letting agency. He believes “it’s the responsibility of the SU to do as much as they can to improve standards for its students”.

He’s looking forward to celebrating tonight by “going to Ocean of course”.

Round 1:

Total votes: 3283

Jacob: 2678
Edward: Withdrew

RON: 212

Nicolas Caballero

Interviewed by Emma Heasman

Featured Image courtesy of Impact Images. 

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