Winner Announced: Postgraduate Officer – Abdi Ahmed

Abdi Ahmed has been elected as your new Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer for 2019/20.

Abdi was declared the Postgraduate Officer for the 2019/20 academic year after winning the 5th round of voting, with 1684 votes.

When speaking to Impact, Abdi said that he was ‘ecstatic, absolutely thrilled, nervous, emotional but most of all, absolutely flattered by how everything’s gone.’

When asked what the highlight of the campaign process has been, Abdi expressed that ‘being able to work with an amazing group of people, who aren’t only your friends, but genuinely believe [in] the changes which you are making’, has been the greatest highlight.

Abdi told Impact that the biggest challenge during the campaigning process was ‘getting everything together and actually looking after my wellbeing.’

Asked what his celebratory plans are going to be, Abdi said that he will be eating some Kinder Buenos and getting some well-deserved sleep.

Abdi wanted to thank his team ‘for keeping me level headed and reminding me of the bigger picture, and just being there for me day in and day out.’

He ended the interview by saying that ‘this is not a win for Abdi but a win for the entirety of my team and those who believed in my manifesto and voted for me.’

First Round:
Ali: 181
Jin Jing: 656
Tom: 1238
Abdi: 1306
Ron: 133

Second Round:
Ali: 182
Jin Jing: 658
Tom: 1242
Abdi: 1309

Third Round:
Jin Jing: 668
Tom: 1267
Abdi: 1332

Fourth Round:
Tom: 1307
Abdi: 1373

Fifth Round:
Abdi: 1684

Sarah Lindgarde

Interviewed by Katie Moncur

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